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Bear Mace Brand Pepper Spray

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Bear Pepper Spray Fogger

  • EPA approved to be humane and safe to outdoor use to protect yourself from bears.
  • Foggers “cloud like” spray eliminates the need for aiming accuracy needed with most single stream defense products.
  • Sprays a distance of up to 30 feet.
  • 9oz repellent canister provides 6 one-second bursts of self defense (empties entirely in about 5.4 seconds).
  • Same effective OC pepper spray that is found in traditional defense sprays.
  • This bear mace product CAN be legally shipped to most of the continuous states (also meaning legal in NY and MA where defense spray products are normally highly restricted by state laws and regulations).
  • Trusted Mace brand product.


About the Bear Pepper Spray Fogger Product

Sku# 80346

Bear pepper spray can be a necessary survival tool wild enjoying the outdoors. Bear attacks can easily happen if a bear was startled by your presence or felt his territory threatened. Having a bear defense spray on hand will help protect you from encounters with wild, vicious or angry bears or other wild animals.

This 9oz. spray by the highly trusted Mace brand contains enough formula for about 6 one-second sprays (can empties in about 5.4 seconds). This item sprays in a fog pattern, called a fogger, and will create a cloud of pepper spray around the animal making pin-point aim less important. The spray can reach a bear up to 30 feet away. This product, and animal repellents in general, can be legally shipped to ALL 48 contagious states by law.

This Bear Pepper Mace spray has the same effective Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C.) active ingredient as many traditional defense sprays meant to prevent human attacks. The difference between “bear spray” and “pepper spray” is that bear defense spray must pass several EPA tests to ensure the use of the spray is humane to the animal. The EPA has also set size, strength, spray distance, and spray time standards for all EPA approved bear spray to ensure their effectiveness in bear attacks. Although this spray will temporarily disable an animal by causing an intense burning of the eyes, nose and mouth, there are no lasting health effects that will affect the animal.

We do not recommend this product for use against anything other than bears.

Extensive testing of the product has only been done on bears and we can not guarantee the effectiveness on any other animal or human.

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