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Being Safe at Home Home Security & Safety Kit

Being Safe at Home Home Security & Safety Kit

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Self Defense and Protection Items Included:

  • Auto Dialer
  • Diversion Safe – Peanut Butter Jar
  • UFO Alarm
  • Glass Breakage Alarm (2)
  • Magnetic Door Alarm (2)
  • Mini Alert Motion Detector Alarm
  • 2 oz. Pepper Sprays with Wall Mounts (2)
  • Door Stop Alarm
  • All Batteries Included
  • Products Instructional Manual

Self Defense Training Materials Included:

  • How to Child Proof Your Home
  • How to Prevent and Handle Burglaries
  • How to Protect Your Home and Family From a Home Invasion
  • Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Instructional DVD on Kit Product Usage

Details on Items Include in Being Safe at Home Survival Kit:

  • Auto Dialer:  Protect yourself and your home with this auto dialer security system.  In the event of intrusion, this device will dial one of 14 stored emergency numbers.  Additionally, carry this device this personal alarm on your keychain, in your purse or in your car.  The siren can be activated either by pulling the pin, or pressing a button on the side of the unit. 
  • Diversion Safe – Peanut Butter Jar:  Don’t worry about intruders finding your valuables when they are safely hiding in this diversion safe disguised as a regular peanut butter jar.  This diversion safe looks exactly like a regular jar of peanut butter, and is even weighted to feel full, yet when you remove the cover, you will find a handy compartment inside.
  • UFO Alarm:  This versatile and loud alarm can be used in a variety of ways.  Strap it to your wrist when walking to prevent purse snatching, mount it to a door, window or drawer as a burglar alarm, or use it as a personal alarm with a panic button in case you feel threatened.  When activated, the alarm will sound and there is also an optional strobe light for extra attention.  Various settings allow combinations of strobe and alarm for up to 20 seconds.
  • Glass Breakage Alarm:  Two of these alarms are included in this kit.  Any time that a window is knocked, opened, hit or broken, this alarm will sound for 30 seconds, giving you plenty of time to deter any intruder and quickly alerting you and your neighbors to the potential danger. 
  • Magnetic Door Alarm:  Two of these alarms come with this safety kit.  This handy alarm easily attaches to any door frame, even those hard-to-secure sliding glass doors.  It is perfect for windows, too.  Simply attach the base of this entry alarm to any door or window frame, and it will sound a loud 110dB siren if the window or door is disturbed.    
  • Mini Alert Motion Detector Alarm:  This tiny alarm packs a loud punch when penetrated.  Using sensors, it creates a triangle of safety that sounds a loud alarm when the boundary is penetrated.  Easy to install, and completely portable, this device is perfect for a dorm, apartment, or even travel.  A chiming feature is also available, if you simply want to know when someone at home is coming or going.
  • 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount:  Get two of these canisters in this kit, which are perfect for mounting near any doorway to have readily accessible.  Just point and aim this Oleoresin Capsicum pepper spray at your attacker and press the release button. This canister holds 8-10 one-second sprays, which is plenty to send off any potential intruder or attacker.  The painful effects will last up to 45 minutes.
  • Door Stop Alarm:  When this wedge-shaped alarm is used, it will sound a loud 125dB siren if an attempt is made to open the door—and it will also block the door from being opened.   

Additional resources in the form of Special Safety Reports are included with the Being Safe at Home Survival Kit.  Feel more safe and secure when you learn how to better child proof your home, how to prevent and handle burglaries, how to protect your homes and families from a home invasion, and how to establish a Neighborhood Watch program.

Quickly become comfortable with all of the products included in the Being Safe at Home Survival Kit after watching the additional Product Instructional DVD that comes with the kit.  Each product is described in detail and demonstrated to help you learn the most effective ways to protect yourself, your family and your home.

Safety at home is a concern for every homeowner, especially if you live alone or with children.  Learning how to effectively protect yourself in a variety of situations and learning how to protect your home and property are major priorities.  The Being Safe at Home Survival Kit contains many items designed to increase safety and security for any homeowner, and includes an automatic dialer security system, a diversion safe designed as a jar of peanut butter, a UFO alarm, two glass breakage alarms, two magnetic door alarms, a mini alert motion detector alarm, two canisters of pepper spray that can be mounted to the wall near a doorway, and a door stop alarm.  The kit comes complete with batteries and extensive instructions to help any female protect themselves effectively and in a non-lethal manner.

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