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Pepper Spray Gun - Firearm Alternative

Pepper Spray Gun - Firearm Alternative

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Cannot ship this item to MA or NY or HI.

This specific product is not legal to ship to NY, MA, or HI. See the "State Laws" tab for more details and legal alternatives.

Mace Pepper Gun Features:

  • Comes with one 28 gram (1 oz) 10% OC pepper spray cartridge
  • Comes with one 28 gram(1 oz)  water training cartridge
  • Continuous aerosol spray in any direction or angle
  • Allows excellent aim to disable attackers
  • Sprays up to 25 feet away
  • Each can holds approx. 7 bursts of spray
  • Easy to carry size of 4.125" x 1.25"
  • Non-lethal firearm alternative
  • The black gun comes with trigger-activated LED light to disorient attackers
  • Comes in four colors (black, blue, pink, silver)
  • Nylon or leather holster available
  • Replacement & practice refill available
  • Batteries included

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun Product Details:

Stock# : 80403, 80404 ,80405

The Mace brand pepper gun contains a formula of pepper spray that sprays up to 25 feet away, keeping you at a safe distance from any intruders or attackers.  The Mace Pepper Gun sprays a continuous stream of oleoresin capsicum (OC), which is one of the best and most effective ways you that can disable any potential attacker within the law.  The gun can be fired at virtually any angle, and it even works when held upside down.  Each OC canister contains approximately 7 bursts of pepper spray.  Pepper spray canister refills are available. 

In addition to the stream of hot pepper spray that can be shot out of this mace hand gun, the Black Mace Pepper Gun has an LED light that is activated when the trigger of the firearm is pulled.  This flash of light will not only help you see the area and have better aim for where you are shooting the gun, but the burst of light will further disorient any attacker, allowing for even more thorough protection.  Unlike true guns, the Mace Pepper Gun is a fire arm that is considered non-lethal and does not require a permit or any special registration to carry and use.  This product is intended to be a safe alternative to other more lethal weapons, yet when you shoot this gun, the effects will disable any attacker for long enough for you to get away safely.  This comes with a water test cartridge so that you can practice shooting it without wasting the pepper spray or unintentionally coming into contact with it.  Additionally, you can purchase a nylon or leather holster to keep the gun handy in situations when you need it most.

Protecting yourself from potential human or animal attackers is easy when you carry a non-lethal self defense product like this.  This handy device will help keep you safe in then event you are approached or threatened.  The Mace Pepper Gun is legal in most states, with the exception of New York, Massachusetts and Michigan.  NOTE: Before you buy any self defense weapons or products, be sure to check whether it is legal to carry and use in your specific area.

This product cannot be shipped to NY, MA, or HI due to state laws.
We can however, ship the muzzle dog repellent spray, which contains the same active ingredient, and is legal in every state.

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