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Michigan (MI) Approved Defense Spray (Discontinued) (backordered)

Expected restock date: DISCONTINUED

Due to a change in the law allowing for up to 10% OC sprays to be used by persons for self defense, "Michigan Approved" Pepper Spray is no longer available.

Please go to these for sprays that are now legal in Michigan:


Michigan Approved Double Action Spray Features:

  • Comes in two convenient sizes, 10 gram and 17 gram
  • 10 gram unit has 5 one second sprays
  • 17 gram has 10 one second sprays
  • Sprays up to 12 feet
  • Ultraviolet dye does not wash off attackers; aids in police identification
  • Active ingredient is CS tear gas
  • Fingergrip to ensure proper aimming direction
  • Easily attaches to keys or belts for convientent carrying
  • Flip top cap for safety
  • This product cannot be shipped to NY, MA, or WI due to state laws.

Description of this Double Action Spray

Mace Michigan Approved Double Action Spray is tear gas that is handy to carry and can help you have more confidence in your personal safety.  This Michigan approved tear gas spray combines CS tear gas (2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) with a UV dye to create a highly effective self defense product.  Having Mace Michigan Approved Double Action Spray will give you added personal protection in the event you are approached by a potential attacker.  Increase your personal safety and security by arming yourself with this powerful formula that can quickly stop any potential attackers from getting any closer. 

The state of Michigan has several laws requiring that self defense sprays, such as mace, pepper spray and CS tear gas, must conform to specific regulations.  It is illegal to use any non-approved formulas for self defense in the state of Michigan, as well as many other states.  Some of the effects of CS gas are similar to those of pepper spray.  CS tear gas effects are non-lethal, but will cause a nearly immediate inflammatory reaction when it comes in contact with the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, causing immediate tearing of the eyes, vomiting, inability to stand upright and walk, dizziness, disorientation, and a strong burning sensation on the skin.  While highly effective, the effects of CS tear gas are temporary and will wear off after approximately 15-30 minutes. 

 As one of the only legal formulas currently available in the state of MI, Mace Michigan Approved Double Action Spray meets the formula requirements for CS tear gas.  The Mace Michigan Approved Double Action spray comes in two different sizes, a 10-gram pocket sized container and a larger 17-gram model.  The 10-gram size contains a 5-second burst that can spray 6-12 feet, while the 17-gram size contains a 10-second burst that can spray 8-12 feet for increased effectiveness and safety.  With the addition of the UV dye that does not wash off of attackers, police can easily and quickly identify any perpetrators and take appropriate action.

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