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Apartment Security System for Rental Housing

Apartment Security System for Rental Housing

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Security Monitoring Items Included:

  • Diversion Safe – Dried Soup
  • ½ oz. Pepper Spray with Visor Clip
  • Glass Breakage Alarm
  • Magnetic Door Alarm
  • Mini Alert Motion Detector Alarm
  • 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount
  • Door Stop Alarm
  • Cell Phone Flash-Lite
  • All Batteries Included
  • Products Instructional Manual

Safety Training Materials Included:

  • Rental Apartment Complex Safety
  • Five Steps to a Safer Apartment and Condo
  • How to Protect Your Home and Family From a Home Invasion
  • How to Select Safe Apartment Housing
  • How to Prevent and Handle Burglaries
  • Instructional DVD on Kit Product Usage

Details on Items Included in Apartment Home Security Kit:

  • Diversion Safe – Dried Soup:  This clever diversion safe looks just like a can of dried soup, and is even weighted to feel like one.  Inside you will find a safe place to store your valuables cleverly out of sight. 
  • ½ oz. Pepper Spray with Visor Clip:  Simply point and aim this Oleoresin Capsicum pepper spray at your attacker, then rotate and press the red release button. The pepper spray canister can clip to the visor of your car, making it handy in case of emergency.  This container holds 6-8 half-second sprays, enough to deter any attacker with painful effects that last up to 45 minutes.  Detach the canister when exiting the car for on-the-go protection.  Do not leave pepper spray products in hot cars
  • Glass Breakage Alarm:  In the event that a window is knocked, opened, hit or broken, this loud alarm will sound for 30 seconds, deterring any intruder and alerting you and your neighbors of the attempted break-in.  This alarm is also perfect for protecting televisions, computers and stereo cabinets from theft.
  • Magnetic Door Alarm:  Attach the base of this entry alarm to any door or window frame, and it will sound a loud 110dB siren in the event that the door or window is opened.  This device is particularly handy for sliding glass doors that are difficult to securely lock.    
  • Mini Alert Motion Detector Alarm:  This small device creates a triangle of safety that is impossible to penetrate without sounding the alarm.  No wiring or special installation is necessary, making it completely portable in the event or travel or moving.  Set the alarm to chime to alert you, or fully sound during an unwanted intrusion. 
  • 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount:  This canister is perfect for mounting near any doorway to keep it readily accessible.  Simply point and aim this Oleoresin Capsicum pepper spray at your attacker and press the release button. This container holds 8-10 one-second sprays, enough to deter any attacker with painful effects that last up to 45 minutes.
  • Door Stop Alarm:  This entry alarm will sound a loud 125dB siren and block any door from being opened.  When the alarm is activated, the motion of an opening door sound the alarm. 
  • Cell Phone Flash-Lite:  Attach this tiny flashlight to your cell phone or anywhere else that you may need some additional light for safety, getting a key in the door or finding something in a dark place like a purse or glove compartment.

Each of these items has been specially selected to be a part of this Ultimate Apartment Security Kit.  The additional Special Safety Reports will help any woman, man or family improve the safety and security when living in an apartment  or condo setting.  Learn more about apartment complex safety, steps to a safer apartment, how to protect your home and family from home invasion, how to choose a safe apartment and how to prevent and handle burglaries. 

Finally, the Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit comes with an additional Product Instructional DVD.  After viewing this detailed DVD, you will be very comfortable with the simple use of these safety items for your apartment home.

Living alone (or even being alone in your apartment) can pose many risks to a personal safety.  Understanding how to protect yourself in these situations, and having the proper non-lethal tools can result in effective prevention and self defense.  This Ultimate Apartment Survival kit contains a diversion safe designed as a can of dried soup, a canister of pepper spray that attaches to your car visor, a glass breakage alarm, a magnetic door alarm, a mini motion detector alarm, a canister of pepper spray that can be mounted on a wall near a doorway for easy access, a door stop alarm, and a cell phone flashlight.  Protect yourself when renting a multiple unit dwellings by arming yourself with the best tips and tools available about home safety. 

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