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Z-Force Stun Guns

We're sorry but this item has been discontinued. Please look at our Stun master or Runt stun gun selections.


Z-Force Slim, Compact Stun Guns - 100K & 300K voltage models

Z ForceStun Guns Features:

  • Compact design, ideal for those with smaller hands
  • Small size - 100K model 5.5 in. tall & 300K model 6.5 in. tall.
  • Non-lethal and legal firearm alternative to disable attackers
  • Two models to choose from, 100K and 300K voltage,
  • Run on 9 volt batteries (purchase separately)
  • Affordable, cheap self defense
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Holster available for this item (purchase separately)
  • Due to state restrictions we cannot ship to the following states: CT, IL, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI.

Stun Guns Product Description:

A stun gun makes for the perfect inexpensive firearm alternative for anyone looking for an effective form of non-lethal self defense.  The Z-Force stun gun offers police grade protection at an affordable cost.  The Z-Force stun gun is ideal for those with smaller hands, because of its compact design and slim style, making it ideal for women interested in personal safety.  The 100K voltage model measures 5.5”, and the 300K version is 6.5” long.

Stun guns are weapons (often referred to as tasers, though the two are not identical) that do not use bullets to stop an attacker; instead they produce high voltage shocks which essentially short circuit a person’s neurological system and will temporarily disable attackers. 

Because a person’s muscles fire using electrical signals, the voltage will cause the muscles to fire repeatedly, in quick succession, resulting in a buildup in lactic acid that causes a temporary loss of muscle function.  The effects of how they work typically interfere with an attacker’s voluntary muscle function for several minutes, rendering them incapable of further aggression and allowing you to escape from harm.  While stun guns do not necessarily cause pain to the attacker, the process of shocking the muscles with electricity results in the inability of the attacker to keep his balance.  When using a stun gun on an attacker, the voltage will not be transferred to you, even if the attacker is in contact with your body.

Defending yourself with a Z-Force stun gun is legal in most areas, though it is best to check with local law enforcement agencies to be certain before purchasing one of these mini stun guns.  The Z-Force comes in two different models, 100K and 300K voltage.  Custom holsters can be purchased separately for easy carrying.  The 100K model runs on a 9V battery and the 300K model requires two 9V batteries (purchased separately).