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Stun Master 300K Stun Gun

This item has been discontinued.

 Please check out our other stun guns which are more powerful at a lower price:





We are unable to ship this to the following states: CT, IL, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI. Please see the "State Laws" tab for more details and legal alternatives.
Stun Master 300K Stun Gun Features:

  • Convenient design. Compact and easily concealable
  • Straight handle only 4.5" tall. Curved 6" tall.
  • Non-lethal and legal firearm alternative that can quickly disable attackers
  • Effective and powerful 300,000 volts
  • Affordable, inexpensive personal protection
  • Uses one Energizer brand 9-volt battery (purchased separately)
  • Comes with safety switch and wrist strap
  • Lifetime Warranty


About The Stun Master 300K Stun Gun:

Anyone meaning to do you harm will certainly be unpleasantly amazed by the power of this Stun Master device. With 3 times the voltage of our 100K non lethal defense this will disable any sort of aggressor even more rapidly, giving you time to get to safety.

Stun Guns are well-regarded self defense weapons. Many are low-cost yet effective, making them a functional alternative to firearms or other methods of protection.

Muscular tissues depend on electrical instincts to discharge effectively, and when the the higher voltage of a stun weapon reaches an agressor, the muscular tissue fibers fire in fast sequence, triggering an instant build-up of lactic acid which interferes with the muscle function. Even though this stun gun is non lethal, it is quite, quite efficient at quitting virtually any act of aggressiveness. The shock from a stun gun will stop someone short short in their tracks by briefly paralyzing them, knocking them off balance or even causing them to collapse, permitting you the time to get away.

At 4.5" tall, the Stun Master device is small, but sufficient to hold the palm of your hand.

Don't play around when it involves your personal safety. Get the high quality and extremely effective 300K Stun Master!


State Laws

Due to state laws, we cannot ship to the following states: CT, IL, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI.

Personal alarms and muzzle dog pepper spray (which has the same active ingredient as regular pepper spray) are legal in all states.