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Wildfire 18% OC Pepper Spray Gel

Wildfire 18% OC Pepper Spray Gel

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Cannot ship this item to CA (4 & 9oz), MA, MI, NY, WI, or HI.

We're sorry, but this product cannot be legally shipped to NY, MA, WI, MI or HI. Only the 2 oz size can ship to CA.

Wildfire 18% OC Pepper Spray Gel Features:

  • Gel suspension helps direct, aim and control overspray
  • Prevents "back spray" on in windy, outdoor environments
  • Sticks like glue to an attacker’s face and skin
  • Extra hot 18% Oleoresin capsicum (OC) pepper spray
  • Sprays over 8 feet, with larger products offering up to 20 feet of spray
  • Strongest formula of pepper spray available
  • Comes in three sizes; 2 oz. (6-8 bursts), 4 oz. (20 bursts), or 9oz. (38 bursts)
  • 2oz. size is a great option for fitness walkers and joggers.
  • 4oz. and 9oz. size are perfect for camping and hiking.

About Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel:

The Wildfire brand Pepper Spray Gel comes in three convenient sizes.  The 2oz. and 4 oz. sizes are easily concealed in your hand, pocket or purse.  The 9 oz. size is perfect for keeping at home or in your car for easy access to self protection.  This special pepper spray gel is made with 18% OC (oleoresin capsicum) pepper spray, the hottest and strongest pepper spray formula that is available today.  The gel suspension allows the spray to stick like glue to the face and skin of any potential assailant—and, their attempts to wipe it off will only increase the extreme burning sensation and discomfort that they experience.  Also made with a special UV dye, the Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel can still be detected by law enforcement personnel using a special light, even after your assailant washes it off.

The two smaller sizes (2 oz. and 4 oz.) come with a flip top spray release.  The 9 oz. size has an actual pistol grip for spraying, allowing extreme control over the direction of the spray.  The 2 oz. Wildfire Pepper Spray gel offers 6-8 one second bursts that travel approximately 8-10 feet.  The 4 oz. version gives you 20 one second sprays that travel up to 18 feet, and the 9 oz. model provides 38 one second peppery sprays and has the power to travel up to 20 feet.  Any of these choices will allow you to put plenty of distance between you and any dangerous situations.  The Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel is less contaminating than typical liquid pepper spray formulas, and is non flammable.

As the strongest, hottest pepper spray formula on the market, the Wildfire brand pepper spray gel is the ideal personal protection product for anyone that feels the need for greater self defense.  Increase your personal safety if you are walking alone at night, taking courses on a dark college campus, working late, jogging or simply wanting more protection while at home or in the car.  Don’t compromise your personal safety, use the Wildfire brand to protect yourself!

We're sorry, but due to state laws, this product cannot be shipped to:

  • California (4 oz and 9 oz)
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Wisconsin

The 2 oz of this product IS legal to ship to CA.
We can ship the muzzle dog repellent spray, which is legal in every state.
HI allows pepper spray for use against people in containers no larger than 1/2 oz.

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