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Window Vibration Alarm

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Window Vibration Alarm Features:

  • Sounds a loud alarm when any window is shattered, vibrated, opened or closed
  • Ideal for home, travel, dorm or office use
  • Battery operated (12V battery included)
  • Simple to use, no tools or professional installation required
  • Easily installed on any open or closed window
  • Can be used to protect personal property like TV's, stereos, & computers
  • Has on/off switch to set alarm.
  • If alarm is triggered, it will sound for 30 seconds before resetting
  • Inexpensive, effective home security


About the Window Vibration Alarm:


The Window Vibration Alarm is a wireless, battery powered device that easily attaches to any open or closed window with sticky tape (included in package).  No special wiring or tools are required to install the alarm.  If the sensor that is attached to the window detects that the window has been opened, closed, shattered or vibrated in any way, a loud alarm sounds, alerting you and others in the neighborhood to the presence of an intruder.  Any front door with a window can also be made more impenetrable with this safety device.

This Window Alarm is an ideal alarm for situations where a window may not shut tightly or if the lock is broken.  It is also perfect for use in those “out of the way” windows, such as basement windows, which may be an attractive entrance to your home for an intruder.  The “do it yourself” (DIY) easy installation makes it quick and simple to use for anyone.  Not only perfect for regular residential use, it is truly ideal and inexpensive way to protect recreational vehicles, garages, office buildings, rental properties, dorm rooms, or for use in a hotel room while you are traveling.

The window alarm affords you a sense of excellent personal security typically found in more expensive burglar alarms and more high tech security systems.   Because it is lightweight and portable, it is one of the more popular window security devices available.  Any intruder will be deterred by the sounding of this loud alarm.

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