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In the Bedroom

Every Woman Should Have Her Bedroom Pepper Spray
for Safety During Burglaries and Home Invasions

Keep your pepper spray in reach. Have your defense spray stock in the bedroom, by the front door and near areas you spend time.

Our homes are not always the fortresses we expect them to be, and the sad truth is that they can be breached by a rapist looking for a victim. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that over one third of all rape/sexual assaults occur in the victim's home! Unfortunately, rapists aren't concerned with boundaries.

 Last year there were 255,000 rapes or attempted rapes, of which 6,100 occurred by the man climbing through a window or entering through an unlocked door and attacking a sleeping woman. 84% of the men were unarmed, 10% had a knife, and 6% were armed with a gun. These assaults could have been stopped if the victim had pepper spray. When parenting a child you are always thinking of safe ways to protect your children, pepper spray is much safer than a gun.

Perhaps you think sexual assault happens only in certain high-risk situations such as hitchhiking or walking alone at night. About one-third of all rapes occur in or near the victim's residence. The greatest risk at home is in your bedroom. Where do you keep your pepper spray?