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While on a Date

Self Defense Against Date Rape & Acquaintance Sexual Assault - Statistics say this happens to 1 in 6 women . . .

Date Rape Statistics:
Dating can be dangerous.

In an October 2002 statistics study at the University of Tennessee, 25% of college women surveyed are victims of rape or attempted rape. 84% of the women assaulted were raped by an acquaintance and 57% were considered date rape. 10-14% of rapes are between a husband and wife (also called marital rape). In many cases, alcohol or drugs has been used by either the assailant or the victim. Surprisingly, 10 percent of rape victims were male in 1999.

Facts about rape aggression and violence against women.
In the USA, there is a rape every six minutes. A woman is beaten every 18 seconds; three to four million are battered every year. Three out of four women will be the victims of at least one violent crime during their lifetime.

When and where do rapes and assaults happen
Perhaps you think sexual assault happens only in certain high-risk situations such as hitchhiking, walking alone at night, or sparse home invasions. When you are wearing casual clothing, or dresses, skirts, and high healed shoes, there is no clothing that you can wear to keep them away. Sexual assault also takes place in ordinary, seemingly safe places. In fact, about one-third of all rapes occur in or near the victim's residence. About one-half of rapes are by first or casual dates. Rape violence and rape self defense need to be an important subject of study for every woman.