Our Story

Pepper Spray Store was co-owned and operated (since 1995) by business partners and long-time friends, Meg and Mike.  We also co-managed a free safety information resource at WiseOwlSafety.com.  

With 26 years of experience in the safety industry, all of the content, products and overall recommendations are hand-chosen and reviewed personally.  And although you found Pepper Spray Store  online, we feel it’s important you know who we are and why our Pepper Spray Store customers are important to us. 

It is indeed a heartfelt, family-based story…..

Meg’s Dad started Pepper Spray Store 26 years ago in 1995 for one VERY specific reason.  In just a few short years, his only daughter (Meg) was moving out of the house as a young college student. 

He worried greatly for Meg’s safety out in the world without his protection. Providing her with pepper spray was one small safeguard that gave Meg’s Dad peace-of-mind that she could protect herself if necessary. 

With pepper spray hard to find locally, Meg’s Dad Ken Giddens wanted to make this “peace-of-mind” product more accessible to other families through an online store. In 1995, he started the Pepper Spray Store when the Internet was in its infancy. (Like, remember the days of “dialing in” to use the Internet?)
In 2006, we sadly and suddenly lost Meg’s Dad and in 2020 Meg retired from the business to pursue other opportunities (like raising daughters of her own), the passion behind this business still remains the same as when Meg and long time family friend, Mike, co-managed the Pepper Spray Store.

We are so appreciative for each and every single customer and visitor coming to our site.  Each sale we make is so much bigger than just a transaction, but rather a method of providing someone’s child, parent, spouse, friend or loved one with the gift of safety.

We take customer service and product quality very seriously at Pepper Spray Store when providing our customers with the safety products they need.  In most cases, our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse to ensure proper product storage (temperature controlled) and inventory turnover (you get the freshest product available).

We have tons of safety knowledge to share….

Over the years, we have also learned that safety products and safety information really go hand-in-hand.  Safety products, like pepper spray and stun guns, are much more effective with a little how-to information about their use and other everyday safety tips.  We have tons of crime prevention tips and other safety information here at Pepper Spray Store and you can visit our partner safety tips site at Wise Owl Safety for even more up-to-date safety information.  All this information is free to you whether you decide to purchase with us or not.

If you ever have questions and/or need to email or call us for any reason (pre or post purchase), you can get in contact with Mike directly.  We enjoy helping customers find the best safety product of their situation.