While Jogging

Like to Jog or Walk?
Don't forget to bring your secret self defense weapon.

Running alone, in the dark or in secluded areas can be a risk.
Each time you run, you may be exposing yourself to criminal elements; criminals who may see a female jogger as easy prey. Even macho men have been attacked or robbed while jogging alone. Some criminals have figured out that a jogger may be too winded to put up a fight, thus, easy pickings for robbery and/or rape. Physical fitness should be an important part of your daily life, just make sure you are protected.

Dog Attacks are a Danger for Joggers
The neighborhoods of the lower socioeconomic status seem to have the most problem dogs. Should a dog run after you, stop. I know this sounds crazy, but running excites dogs.

Protect Yourself from a Canine Attack or Injury
Hopefully you can walk out of the dog's roving range. Should the dog attack, use your pepper spray to repell and disable the dog from harming you. Pepper spray is an non-lethal effective dog repellant that is easy to carry on your run.

If you like to jog on trails through a park, it's like having a sign on your back that says "victim". Hundreds of women are sexually assaulted every year jogging on trails, and dozens murdered.

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