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Carrying in a Pocket

Out for a walk or on the job alone? Carry a small pepper spray fit for your pocket.

You're always at risk when you walk down the street
You would think that your own neighborhood would be safe. But most assaults occur within 1 mile of a person's home or workplace. And the risk isn't just walking near your home or to and from a parking garage. A violent situation can happen anywhere, even at the local mall or in a restaurant. Violent assaults can also be committed for reasons of racial, sexual or other discrimination. This is why it is important to always carry pepper spray in your jeans.

Self Defense Against Street Crime
Street crime can mean robberies and thefts of items on the victim's person, including pick pocketing. It also refers to those incidences where intimidation or violence is used to obtain items from people without their consent.

Violence and street crime can shatter your sense of safety, causing anger, loss of confidence, guilt and sadness or depression. If you are ready to defend yourself with pepper spray and send an attacker running, you will instead feel the emotions of victory.