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Protection While Hiking & Camping

Smart Hiking & Camping Means Bring Your Pepper Spray for Protection Against Mountain Lions, Bears and Cougars.

When you think about dangerous animals in the great outdoors, we worry most about bears. Yes, a bear attack can happen in many areas of the United States. But mountain lions and cougars (since 1970 there has been an average of 14 cougar attacks per year on people) are also a very real threat ...

April 1994 - Barbara Schoener, 40, a long-distance runner in excellent physical shape, was killed by an 80-pound female mountain lion in Northern California.

July 1997 - A 10-year old boy was attacked and killed by a mountain lion Puma concolor in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park while on a family hike in July ... "The kid screamed and ran, and the lion did what lions do - it chased him."

August 1999 - A woman encountered a cougar near Stonewall Peak in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, California. She used pepper spray on an aggressive cougar and stopped it from attacking her and a female friend after a 15-minute ordeal.

May 2001 - A couple with a little boy saw a lion approaching at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. They threw rocks, but it refused to move away. The husband used his pepper spray.



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