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In Your Office / Workplace

Be Prepared, Even at Work.
Workplace & Office Violence & Harassment Does Happen...

Workplace homicide is the leading cause of death among female workers in the US and is the second leading cause of death for men.

Aside from homicides, we can’t forget about the 18,000 employees who are non-fatally assaulted every week while on the job.

Office Violence and Harassment
One can logically understand the violence associated with high-risk occupations. The nature of the premises and location creates a criminal opportunity for those desperate for cash.

But there is a recent pattern emerging where seemingly safe locations, such as private office buildings, are being used as the site for seeking revenge against one’s enemies by co-employees and supervisors.

Even though workplace homicides in business offices only represent a small percentage of the total, it is disconcerting that we can no longer feel safe in an otherwise safe setting.

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