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In Your Purse

In Your Purse: Women's Safety Tip for an Ideal Place for a Self Defense Weapon

Do you ever leave the house without your purse or handbag?
Of course not. Whether you are on your way to school, to work, shopping, or just to visit friends or family, you grab your purse or handbag on the way out the door. Then when you get out of your car, you take your purse, it's always with you.

Why is carry a pepper spray non-lethal weapon in your purse important?
Besides protection from a random vicious animal that you may encounter, there is the obvious protection against sexual predators. In the USA, there is a rape every six minutes. Over three million women are battered every year. Most women will be the victims of at least one violent crime during their lifetime. With pepper spray handy, it won't happen to you. Just the threat of a burst of pepper spray in the face will send any attacker running.

Perhaps you think sexual assault happens only in certain high-risk situations such as hitchhiking, walking alone at night. About one-third of all rapes occur in or near the victim's residence. About one-half of rapes are by first or casual dates.

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