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Protection from Vicious Animals

Vicious Dog Attacks & Canine Bite Injuries send over 800,000 people to seek medical attention or the Emergency Room EVERY YEAR . . .

Dog bite injuries can lead to serious infections (such as tetanus and rabies), disability, and deformity.

There are many other animals besides dogs that can be vicious, dangerous, and killers.

Common animals such as squirrels, skunks, racoons and rabbits can be quite vicious when infected with rabies.

The time between bite injury wound and showing signs is variable and often prolonged. After the bite, the virus travels up the nearby nerves to the spinal cord, then the brain.

The paralytic stage of rabies, accompanied by drooling and a dropped jaw, will make wildlife appear tame to humans and nocturnal animals may appear in daylight.

The series of shots for rabies treatment is quite painful, so the best reccomendation is to not allow animals to get close enough to bite you. Pepper spray is a non-lethal way to disable a dog from attacking, biting or otherwise injuring you. Have your pepper spray deterant ready.


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