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Dog Pepper Spray Training Kit

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Pepper Spray Training Kit Includes:

  • 1 1/2 oz muzzle pepper spray
  • 1 1/2 oz. Inert self defense training spray
  • Tactical Use of Pepper Spray booklet


About the 1/2 oz. Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray Key Chain

Sku# 80536

This repellent is designed to keep you safe by repelling attacking dogs. The spray is made from the same active ingredient, OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) as traditional pepper spray. While it has an EPA approved lower concentration to avoid unnecessary injury, it is extremely effective at preventing an attack.

Just a single spray to the face will repel an angry animal humanely and effectively with a temporary (but intense) burning sensation.

This canister is easy to carry on a belt, in a purse of jacket pocket. We do not recommend carrying this product in pants pockets as it can be too difficult to reach quickly in the event it might suddenly be needed.

This product can be legally sold and shipped to residents of the 48 contiguous states including New York (NY), Massachusetts (MA), Wisconsin (WI) and Michigan (MI).

We cannot recommend this product for use against anything other than dogs. Extensive testing of the product has only been done on dogs only and we can not guarantee the effectiveness on any other animal or human.

1/2 oz. Inert Training Key Chain Product Description:



Don't wait to learn how to use your pepper spray until you need it.

The time to learn and become confident in using pepper spray is in a calm safe setting where you can used to how the canister works and what it feels like to discharge it.

Practicing with the training inert spray will help make sure should you ever need to use your pepper spray you'll be ready.

Tactical Use of Pepper Spray Booklet Description:

Sku# : TAC-1


"Tactical Use of Defense Spray" is written to make it simple to understand basic principal of self defense and how to vastly increase your odds of walking away from an encounter with a rapist, mugger, thief or worse.

State Laws

The pepper spray included in this kit is LEGAL in every state.

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