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Blue or Red - Hard Case Keychain Pepper Spray

List Price: $13.97
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Cannot ship this item to MA or NY.



  • 1.20% Major Capsaicinoids (MC) –
    the only true, third-party measurement of pepper spray effectiveness (see why).

  • Non-lethal formula that causes temporary disabling pain/swelling to an attacker.
  • Perfect for carrying in a purse, bag, pocket or with keys, on a belt or waistband.
  • 6-10 one second sprays provide ample time to escape.
  • 6-8 ft spray range allows for a safe distance from attacker.
  • Simple to use one-button activation, with built in “slide” safety lock.
  • Comfortable molded shape for most adult hands (1.5” X 3.5”).
  • Compact ½ oz canister size is easy to carry.
  • Included key release attachment or belt clip always keep your spray within reach.
  • Contains UV dye to help identify an attacker to authorities.
  • Protective, built-in hard plastic holster in 4 colors (Black, Blue, Red & Pink).
  • Included FREE inert training spray when you buy 2 pepper keychain sprays.
  • Made in the U.S.A. – Pepper Shot brand
  • Non-lethal self defense with lab confirmed hotness.


About the Defense Pepper Spray Key Chain Product:

Stock# : PS-1A

The Pepper Shot Key Chain Pepper Spray is a 1/2 oz canister, cased in a stylish high-impact plastic holster with key ring and quick release.

Don't let its size fool you; it packs a whallop, disabling the attacker for 20-to-30 minutes, without causing permanent damage.

Pepper Spray Store Free Replacement Program
This pepper spray can be used many times before needing our free replacement. (Upon sending us a copy of your original invoice and a copy the police report in which you reportedly used, or lost, your defense spray we will provide a free replacement. Also a nominal check or CC payment for S & H of $4.95 will also need to accompany your return as well.) This unit can be purchased with or without belt clip holster and is great for personal use, law enforcement, or any security needs.



State Laws

This item cannot be shipped to

  • New York
  • Massachusetts

We can however, ship the muzzle dog repellent spray, which is legal in every state.

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