Alert and Dog Repel Training Kit - Canine Safety Bundle

Alert and Dog Repel Training Kit - Canine Safety Bundle

Alert and Dog Repel Training Kit - Canine Safety Bundle

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This Protection kit comes with a tactical use booklet to learn how to properly protect yourself with inert practice pepper spray, Mace Muzzle Dog Repellant, and a personal alarm.

Make sure you learn how to properly defend yourself against an attacking animal then keep your spray and this personal alarm with you when out walking around.

  • Practice with the inert spray to gain confidence
  • Use the spray to repel the dog from up to 8 feet away
  • Use the alarm with built-in LED flashlight to temporarily blind the dog coming and
  • Pull the wrist strap  to make ear piercing high decibel noise so people will know you are in trouble

Muzzle Dog Repellent Pepper Spray Description:

Sku# 80536

  • This product can be legally shipped to all U.S. states.
  • Personal protection against vicious, wild canines and dog attacks
  • 14 gram dog pepper spray unit sprays up to 10 feet
  • Contains 10 one-second burst of self defense
  • OC (oleoresin capsicum) is the common active ingredient in this dog repellent and a traditional defense spray
  • Includes a belt clip and keychain attachment easy carrying
  • Flip-top safety cap and accurate finger grip help aiming accuracy.
  • EPA approved to be safe, effective and humane to repel and stop unwanted dog encounters on contact
  • Product manufactured by trusted MACE safety brand

1/2 oz. Inert Training Key Chain Product Description:


The time to learn and become confident in using pepper spray is in a calm safe setting where you can get used to how the canister works and what it feels like to discharge it.

Practicing with the training inert spray will help make sure should you ever need to use your pepper spray you'll be ready.

Pepper Spray Training Booklet Description:

Sku# TAC-1

The tactical use of defense spray booklet is a very comprehensive and complete guide and is a must have. Whether you already carrry a defense spray and are thinking about carrying defense spray this booklet will provide valuable insight on the use of defense spray and how to adapt it's use in different situations.

Personal Alarm Description:


  • High tech security device.
  • Produces an ultra loud shriek that demands attention.
  • Includes a bright flashlight to help you identify attackers.
  • Compact, lightweight and fits in a pocket.
  • A convenient pull cord activates the alarm.
  • The alarm will continue until you purposely shut it off..
  • Legal to carry in all 50 states.

This Protection Pack is Legal in all 50 states

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