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1/2 oz Keychain Pepper Spray Training Kit

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Cannot ship this item to MA or NY.


Note: The pepper spray in this kit is not legal to ship to MA or NY.
Pepper Spray Training Kit Includes:
  • 1 1/2 oz. 10% OC Keychain pepper spray with leatherette holster
  • 1 1/2 oz. Inert practice keychain training spray
  • Tactical Use of Pepper Spray booklet

1/2 oz. 10% OC Keychain Pepper Spray Key Chain Product Description:

Black - PS-LH-BLK

This compact pepper spray key chain is small enough to hide in a purse or pocket. It also comes with a keychain attachment to hook to any set of car or house keys. This half-ounce container of defense spray has enough product for 5 one-second sprays. Just one spray of this OC formula to the face will disable an attacker, giving you time to escape.
This personal protection spray also comes with a snap closure, leatherette holster. The holster is available in three different colors including: black, blue, pink, and red. This is one of our most inexpensive pepper spray products. We try to make our self defense items accessible to all budgets. 



1/2 oz. Inert Training Key Chain Product Description:

Just like the time NOT to learn to drive a car is on a busy highway, the time NOT to learn how to use your pepper spray is when an attacker is coming at you.
Tragically, it is all too common for someone to have a false sense of security by simply having pepper spray in their pocket or purse.
Simply having any method of self defense is not enough. You need to know how and be ready to use it. Practicing with this spray will give you the real feel of using it so you can be ready in case the worst happens. 

Tactical Use of Pepper Spray Booklet Description:

The tactical use of defense spray booklet is a very comprehensive and complete guide to knowing how to use a defense spray effectively. This booklet will provide valuable insight and practical instruction the use of your defense spray in different situations and general self defense. 

State Laws

The pepper spray included this kit cannot be shipped to NY or MA due to state laws. However, we can ship the muzzle dog repellent pepper spray training kit.

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