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Door Stop Alarm

Door Stop Alarm

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Door Stop Alarm Features:

  • Sounds a loud alarm when any door is opened unexpectedly
  • Ideal for home, travel, dorm or office use
  • Battery operated (9V, not included)
  • Simple to use, no tools or professional installation required
  • Portable and wireless operation


Door Stop Alarm Description:

Stock# DSAL-2

The Door Stop Alarm is a safe, simple to use, and low-tech way to greatly increase your personal security.  Many house alarms and security systems are very expensive, and most require professional installation.  Not the Door Stop Alarm.  All you have to do with this great little device is place the device behind any door or entrance.  If at any time the door is opened unexpectedly, a 120dB alarm will sound—which will not only alert you but very effectively startling any intruders.  Anyone within earshot will also be alerted to some danger.  This small, lightweight, wireless, battery powered burglar alarm system is perfect for home use on a front door or other entrance, and it is perfectly portable for office use, dorm rooms, or a hotel room while traveling. 

Few safety alarm products are as easy to use or offer the incredible convenience of the Door Stop Alarm.  The easy installation allows anyone looking for some type of “do it yourself” security an ideal solution.  “Do it yourself” (DIY) security products, like the Door Stop Alarm, are often far less expensive and easier to use than some of the high tech systems available.  The Door Stop alarm is powered by one 9-volt battery, and the sound that the alarm produces is very loud.  Plus, the added flexibility of being able to take the Door Stop Alarm along with you wherever you go makes it a versatile piece of personal and home protection equipment.  With a convenient on/off switch, you can be confident that the alarm will not inadvertently sound while the device is packed in your luggage or briefcase.

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