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Michigan (MI) Pepper Spray

Michigan (MI) Approved Pepper Sprays

As of December 2010, MI state now allows pepper spray products up to 10% OC (previouly only allowed 2%). Canister size is still restricted to (35grams approx. 1.2oz) Please review our Pepper Spray Keychains and Disguised Pepper Spray sections for more newly approved Michigan state products.

State Law Before December 2010: The state of Michigan (MI) has very specific laws regarding the types of self defense pepper spray allowed. Pepper spray intended for protection against humans must contain 2% OC (active oleoresin capsicum ingredient) or less. However, animal sprays (dog and bear) are legal in any concentration. The below defense sprays are state approved and meet all the state specific laws for Michigan. These Mace brand products can be shipped to all states except MA, WI and NY.

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