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New Mexico State Pepper Spray Laws, Rules & Legal Regulations

Q: Is Pepper Spray Allowed / Legal in New Mexico?
A: YES! Pepper spray is legal to purchase, use & carry for self defense purposes.

More on New Mexico Pepper Spray Regulations

Video Explanation of NM State Laws

New Mexico Pepper Spray Law Explanation

New Mexico laws do not prohibit you from carrying pepper spray or stun guns, or from using them to protect yourself. If you feel your safety is being threatened, these types of non-lethal self defense are perfectly legal and appropriate. They can help to buy you the precious time that you need to get away from a dangerous situation or an assailant. While firearms are legal to possess and use in threatening situations, there may be times when you might want to choose a less potentially permanent way of stopping a dangerous situation from developing, such as an dog attack.

In New Mexico, violent crime is on the rise. Large cities like Albuquerque are reporting higher and higher incidence of rapes, assaults, and robberies. Take steps to be aware of your surroundings, try to travel in groups if possible, and take the proper steps to protect yourself should you need to. Remember, it’s better to be prepared and not have to protect yourself than the other way around. Oftentimes when you are prepared you put off a different “vibe” than when you aren’t. Criminals are looking for easy targets. If you make it look like you would be difficult it is very likely they will leave you alone.

You can find a wide variety of non-lethal personal protection products in our online store. Take some time to find the product that you feel is best for you and your own unique situation. We are here to help you if you have questions.


What the Official New Mexico State Law Says

2011 New Mexico Statutes
Chapter 30: Criminal Offenses
Article 7: Weapons and Explosives, 30-7-1 through 30-7-22

30-7-13. Carrying weapons prohibited.

  1. It is unlawful for any person without prior approval from the company to board or attempt to board a bus while in possession of a firearm or other deadly weapon upon his person or effects and readily accessible to him while on the bus. Any person who violates the provisions of this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor.
  2. Subsection A of this section does not apply to duly elected or appointed law enforcement officers or commercial security personnel in the lawful discharge of their duties.

(Pepper spray not referenced)

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Last Updated: July 2017