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Inert Practice Pepper Spray 2 oz Fogger

Inert Practice Pepper Spray 2 oz Fogger

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    Aim and fire this harmless practice canister without the side effects of active pepper spray
  • Available in three sizes: 2oz. Stream Spray, 2oz. Fogger Spray and 1/2 Stream Spray
  • Training spray comparable to the 2oz Police Stream Pepper Spray, 2oz Fogger Spray or 1/2 Pepper Shot Keychain Sprays
  • Inert cans spray the same distance and number of sprays as their comparable Pepper Shot protection products.
  • Great for practice in self defense classes or at home.
  • Get to know how to use your pepper spray before you need it to stay safe.
  • Recommended for anyone new to owning, using and carrying pepper spray type products.


Inert training sprays are for learning how and when to use pepper spray in self defense situations.  These inert sprays are harmless and work just like their comparable pepper spray products without the active OC ingredient that would cause discomfort.  They have the same weight and function as the real thing, so you can practice and get comfortable using your pepper spray before an emergency safety situation occurs.  You can safely learn how to use your pepper spray before your life depends on it.

We have three sizes of inert pepper sprays: 2oz Stream Pepper Spray, 2oz. Fogger Pepper Spray, and 1/2 Stream Pepper Spray (used in Pepper Shot keychain products).  These inert, non-reactive sprays have the same number of sprays and reach the same distances as their comparable active pepper spray products.

We recommend these sprays for anyone who is new to owning, using, or carry pepper spray.  For example, if you are purchasing pepper spray for a young adult, college age students, friend or family member, an inert spray is a great addition to ensure the new user has an understanding of how to use their new self defense spray.  We also recommend these for more experienced pepper spray owners that have never tried aiming and spraying a can of pepper spray.  These inert sprays are also very effective in self defense training classes to get the actual look and feel of spraying pepper spray at an attacker.

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