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South Carolina State Pepper Spray Laws, Rules & Legal Regulations

Q: Is Pepper Spray Allowed / Legal in South Carolina?
A: YES! Pepper spray is legal to purchase, use & carry for self defense purposes.

More on South Carolina Pepper Spray Regulations

Video Explanation of SC State Laws

South Carolina Pepper Spray Law Explanation

In South Carolina, it is legal to protect yourself with pepper spray or a stun gun. You can find these types of items at our online store, along with plenty of other useful products that you can readily use for self defense. Even though many parts of South Carolina are considered to be very safe, the largest city in the state, Charleston, just like any other city in the US cities has areas that are considered dangerous. if you live in or find yourself visiting in this city, you should take proper precautions to protect your personal safety.

It is important to be consistently aware of your surroundings, and do your best to make sure you are familiar with the areas you are traveling through. Knowing safe modes of transportation, trying to travel with at least one other person and knowing and safe places to go can go a long way to help you avoid becoming a victim of a violent crime.

Pepper spray and electronic incapacitation devices like stun guns are a good alternative to a firearm if you don’t want to be in a position where your only choice is having to make a potentially permanent decision in a situation where stopping someone and getting away is your objective. These small yet very effective products can help to prevent crimes, stop animal attacks to allow you enough time to get away to safety.

South Carolina has many things to enjoy, and making sure your personal safety is protected will help you to enjoy this beautiful state to the fullest!


What the Official South Carolina State Law Says


Offenses Involving Weapons


(16) "Poisonous gases" mean a toxic chemical or its precursors that through its chemical action or properties on life processes, causes death or injury to human beings or other living organisms. However, the term does not include:
(a) riot control agents, smoke and obscuration materials, or medical products which are manufactured, possessed, transported, or used in accordance with the laws of this State or the United States;
(b) tear gas devices designed to be carried on or about the person which contain not more than fifty cubic centimeters of the chemical; or
(c) pesticides, as used in agriculture and household products.

(This does prohibit pepper spray as pepper spray is not a tear gas or tear gas device.)

You can read the full text here:

Last Updated: July 2017