The 7 Safety Secrets I Want Every Woman to Know

If a robber asks for your purse/money/valuables…..

DO NOT hand the robber the demanded items. Keep your distance from the robber as much as possible.    THROW the items away from you and give yourself the opportunity to run to safety.  Most likely the robber will be more interested in your valuables than perusing you.

If you ever walk alone…

DO NOT wear your hair in a pony tail! Long hair and ponytails are very attractive to attackers because it is easy for them to grab, especially from behind. Wear your hair up or under a hat if going somewhere alone or going through a secluded city area.

If you never leave home without your electronics….

DO NOT use them to tune out your surroundings when you’re out in the world! It is so important to STAY 100% aware of your surroundings. Listening to music with earbuds, walking and texting/browsing, or talking on the phone while navigating out in the world is a HUGE distraction and attackers know you will be an easy target.  Walk with confidence and awareness and attackers will know you won’t go quietly.

If you ever drive with a child or baby…

DO leave your purse and cellphone in the backseat. Not only will you be less tempted to talk and text in the car (even at a red light), but you will be less likely to accidentally leave your child in a hot car.  Think about it…how far have you actually gotten from the car without your purse and cell phone? For most ladies it wouldn’t be more than a few steps, before you felt absolutely bare without your purse.

If you forgot your pepper spray….

DO use your keys as a self defense weapon. If you find yourself in danger and without your pepper spray, it is time to get resourceful.  If you’ve got your keys with you, place the sharpest key between your 1st  (pointer finger) and 2nd finger with the point facing out.  Make a fist and aim for the most tender parts of an attacker’s body including the throat, eyes, and groin.

If you ever linger in your parked car…

DO stop this habit immediately! You are like a sitting duck for a predator.  Make a habit of getting into your parked car, locking the doors and turning the car on to get to your next destination.  Your parked car is not a safe location.

If an attacker puts you in the trunk…

DO punch out the tail light of the car and stick your hand, foot or anything you can out of the hole. The driver of the car will not be able to see this activity, but will be an obvious signal to surrounding drivers that you are in danger.