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Bear Pepper Spray: Valuable Wilderness Survival Tool... Protect yourself against aggressive and grizzly attacks

There can be no death any more horrifying than one from a bear attack. Hear are 4 occurrences:

  • "he was checking a fence line in southeastern Madison County near Boston when ... 'I climbed until I ran out of tree, then the bear grabbed my legs and started pulling me down the tree.' "


  • "Canadian biathlete Mary-Beth Miller is dead after an apparent black bear attack while training near Val Cartier."


  • "Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials report that the victim of the black bear attack on Sunday afternoon ... It appears that this was an unprovoked attack."


  • "they found his body. He was laying on his back with the Winchester several yards away. It had been fired twice. He was bitten on his head, a single bite through his skull plate crushing his skull and killing him instantly. He never had another second to fire the third round, it happened that quickly."
As referenced in National Geographic, How Stuff Works, eHow, Maxim, Wallet Pop

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