Stop Bike Theft: How To Keep Your Bicycle From Being Stolen

  • Just like you’d do to a car, be sure to always lock up your bicycle with a high quality chain on campus or on the street.


  • To help secure your bike, secure a 3/8"x6" eye screw to any stud within your home’s garage. Be sure to locate the crew at least three feet above the floor because this will make it more of a challenge to use a pry bar to get your bike.


  • Be sure to use a chain through the frame and wheel of the bike when you’re out and about. You may find thieves will take the wheel off if you only use the chain on the wheel.


  • Remember to keep the security chain off the ground so the thief can’t use a pry bar on the lock.


  • Your bike chain should have a minimum of 5/16" hardened steel with continuous weld links. If not, you’ll be inviting people to steal your bike.


  • If you have a motorcycle, use a mated 3/8" hardened steel alloy chain. Also use a padlock of high quality. Never use a sheathed cable.


  • Always install lights around all storage areas where you may keep your bike. Motion lights are great choice for high protection.