Stop Car Theft: How To Protect Your Car From Thieves

  • Start protecting your car by keeping all doors and windows closed and locked at all times. When you’re driving, be sure to lock the doors as well as when the car is parked on the street or in the garage.


  • If you have a choice, use attended lots for parking. Also look for well lighted parking areas and areas with high pedestrian traffic. It’s a good idea to park near the store’s entrance.


  • Use your ignition key if you must leave a key with a valet or attendant.


  • Install a padlock on your garage and never leave a lock hanging open as a thief can quickly make a key to it.


  • Cane bolts are great for added garage safety. A center hasp can also give you more safety if its of high quality. Look for one made of hardened steel and install it using carriage bolts. You can also mar the ends of the bolts when you’re done installing it. This will prevent a hammer being able to be used to remove them.


  • Never hide a key outside your home. Never leave the lock open. If you have a padlock that has a combination, be sure to always return the numbers to zeros after you open it.