Pepper Spray And Car Travel

Traveling with pepper spray by car is not nearly as complicated as traveling via air with it. Many people choose to bring pepper spray with them during their road trip for safety reasons. It can be dangerous to be out on the road without proper self defense protection. There are many crimes committed each year at rest stops and at Interstate gas stations. In addition, if you were to break down on the side of the highway you’d instantly be at risk for danger and pepper spray could help you stay safe until professional help arrived.

Other people aren’t as worried about using their pepper spray while on the road but like the idea of having a protective product on them while visiting a new city. If you’re headed to a large city, this is an excellent idea. Many criminals can spot tourists easily and often target them because they know they’ll be carrying extra money and are out of their element in a new place. So, having pepper spray on you during your vacation is actually a great idea.

Proper Storage Temperatures for Pepper Spray

When you’re on the road, it might be a challenge to properly store your pepper spray. However, it’s important you store it properly for several reasons. First, without proper storage the product might not work and if it doesn’t work when you need it, you could be in extreme danger. The ingredients could break down as a result of improper storage. Secondly, it could leak out and cause you accidental harm. In hot temperatures the pepper spray can leak out, get into the air within your car and cause you to have symptoms. You could also get it on your hands while handling the product or if in extreme heat, the canister could combust. This could be extremely bothersome for you and ruin any great vacation or road trip.

It’s recommended storage of pepper spray be done so in a cool, dry environment. You will need to keep the temperature under 120F (out of the sun or a hot car) or above -5F. At lower temperatures, the spray might turn to gel and be ineffective.

It’s best to keep your pepper spray in your purse or pocket, often within a plastic storage bag just in case leakage were to occur.

Crossing State Lines with Self Defense Product in Your Vehicle

When it comes to crossing state lines with pepper spray, there’s no need to panic. You won’t need to worry about your pepper spray possession, as long as the states you’re going through doesn’t have restrictions your specific pepper spray doesn’t fit within. For example, some states require you to have a license to carry pepper spray in their state. If you don’t have a license, this could be a problem. Some states also differ on the size and amount of pepper spray they allow their residents to carry.

However, many states only have age restrictions that require you be at least 18 years or older so chances are you’ll not need to have a license unless you’re going to a select few states which require them. You should definitely look up the state laws in the state you’ll be staying within, to ensure you’re legally allowed to have your pepper spray there.

It’s a great idea to bring your pepper spray along with you during your road trip. However, you need to be sure you’re taking extra precautions about storing it and keeping it safe within your vehicle.