Internet Online Coupons / Discount Coupons

Unfortunately, we do not send out coupons on request. You must be a registered user of our web site. To become a registered user of our web site you must either subscribe to our tips or newsletters, request a catalog, or just send us an information request. Visitors who have registered at our web site are randomly selected to receive coupons during promotional periods.

Redeeming Online Coupons

To use your coupon, select any items you would like to purchase and place them in your shopping cart or call us on the phone. Located on each coupon is a coupon code. A coupon code is a unique number used to identify special discounts and promotions based on a dollar amount, percentage, or additional bonus, service, or gift. When asked for your discount coupon code, please refer to the actual coupon you received for the corresponding number and offer. Enter your coupon code in the box provided and click [Submit] or give the coupon number to the account representative over the phone. 

Discount Coupon Expiration

Coupons expire 30 days after receipt unless otherwise noted on the coupon. Coupon expiration dates will not be extended for any reason. Therefore, we will not honor any expired coupons.

Online Coupon Use

Coupons can only be used once per customer. Only one coupon may be redeemed per order and must be used at time of purchase. Coupons cannot be used to purchase gift certificates.

Terms of Use for Internet Coupons

Our Internet coupons are not redeemable for cash. If you would like to return an item that was purchased with a coupon, only the amount paid can be refunded. Coupons with a dollar value are applied to your purchase subtotal before any applicable shipping charges or taxes. Each coupon has a unique coupon code with different requirements. All requirements must be met in order to receive your discount. Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer.