5 Self Defense Techniques When the Assailant Has a Deadly Weapon

People who walk alone at night, spend time in remote areas, travel alone or work in less populated areas tend to be at a higher risk for certain types of personal assaults.  Protecting yourself from danger at all times is critical.  While you can use certain strategies to lessen your vulnerability, such as trying to never be alone, staying in well lit areas, or arming yourself with pepper spray, stun gun or personal alarm, you may be no match for an assailant who is armed with a deadly weapon, such as a gun or knife. 

Here are four helpful tips that you can use to protect yourself from deadly dangers:

    1. Give up your valuables immediately!
      When threatened with a deadly weapon, it’s usually wise to not resist too much.  If a person has a weapon, assume they are willing to use it.  Giving up your purse or wallet is a small price to pay in exchange for your life.  However ,one strategy to use  if your assailant is armed and demanding that you hand over your property, try throwing it to the side.  This technique will surprise the attacker, divert their attention, and, if they are truly after your property, then they may go after your purse or wallet, which may allow you the precious moments you need to escape.

    2. Be a moving target.
      If at any time you have even a few seconds to escape from a situation where an attacker has a gun, run in a zig zag pattern, rather than straight away.  It is extremely hard to hit a moving target, and nearly impossible to hit one that is running in an erratic, unpredictable pattern.

    3. Know the vulnerable points.
      Take any opportunity to assault an attacker in thier most vulnerable body areas.  The most vulnerable locations for injury on a person’s body include the eyes, the groin, the bridge of the nose, the throat, the top of the foot, and the kneecaps.  Aim correctly, and deliver a solid blow.  You will only have one chance to cause pain and get your attacker to release his grip so that you can get away.  Taking a self defense class to learn strategies is a terrific idea, especially if you are likely to be in situations that may make you more vulnerable to aggressive attacks.

    4. Get LOUD!
      Yell loudly when approached by an assailant, especially if there is a deadly weapon displayed.  Once they get close enough to hold onto you, getting away becomes significantly more difficult and dangerous.  Yelling “No!,” “Get away,” or something like “Fire!” can often get the attention of anyone within earshot.  Some polls have shown that yelling “Fire” is more likely to get a response from someone.

    5. Carry a non-lethal self defense product,
      Have a pepper spray keychain or a stun gun handy during any situations where you may be more vulnerable to being approached by an attacker, mugger or assailant.  Know how to quickly and accurately use your self defense device and be ready for anything.

Above all, know that if you are faced with an attacker who is in possession of a deadly weapon and you are unarmed, it is safe to assume that they intend to harm you.  You will need to defend your life, and do so in the confident way of a survivor, if you intend to be one.