How to Escape & Protect Yourself If Grabbed From Behind

Any type of physical attack or confrontation is dangerous and very scary.  One of the scariest ways to be attacked is being grabbed from behind.  When an attacker grabs you from behind, he will most likely pin your arms, causing you to feel quite helpless.  Most experienced martial arts experts will have difficulty getting out of being grabbed from behind.  However, if you act quickly and properly, you will hopefully be able to break away and escape the situation. 

Effective Self Defense if Grabbed from Behind

When you are grabbed from behind and lose the function of your arms, your options are pretty limited.  You still have your legs and feet, however.  One of the most vulnerable points on the human body is the top of the foot. 

A simple, yet very effective self defense move is to use your heel and, with all of your strength and body weight, smash down on the top of the foot of your attacker.  If you are wearing high heeled shoes, this move can be even more disabling. 

A hard enough stomp will break some of the small bones (there are 26 bones in the foot) and cause tremendous pain and will probably disable your attacker, causing him to release you from his grasp and allow you to get away.  Because the top of the foot is not well protected, this is a very vulnerable area. 

Other pressure points that you may consider using are not going to be available to you when you are grabbed from behind, so this is the most effective strategy to use in this case.

Even a small or petite woman can cause damage to a large man using this technique.  By driving down the heel as hard as you can, you will cause pain and possibly damage to your attacker. 

Most attackers will not be able to maintain their hold on you while in that amount of physical pain, unless they are wearing extremely heavy work boots or very strong footwear.  Even then, you can cause pain to the instep and hopefully get away.

How to Escape - Survival is the Goal

Any time you are physically attacked, you should do anything in your power to escape.  When you are grabbed from behind, it is likely that your attacker does indeed intend to harm you, and quick action on your part can hopefully prevent an attack, and may even save your life. 

Do not be afraid to protect yourself in any way you know how when your life is in danger.  If you need to use the foot stomp move to disable your attacker, you should do so immediately upon being grabbed from behind. 

A large man will easily lift a small woman off of the ground, and potentially eliminate her ability to use this self defense move effectively.  If the assailant pulls the victim to the ground, then self defense options become even more limited.

Never underestimate your own personal power when it comes to protecting yourself during an attack.  Do not be afraid to cause physical pain to your attacker—remember, they are attacking you and you are only defending yourself and trying to stay alive and get away.  Anything goes!