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5 Tips to Keep You Safe in a Hotel Room

Any time that you venture out and travel away from home, regardless of whether it’s for business or pleasure, you may be putting yourself at risk by making yourself vulnerable.  Travelers are common targets for thieves or assailants, for several reasons.  Often travelers are carrying larger amounts of cash, may spend more time alone, are less aware of their immediate surroundings and less familiar with various locales, and have valuable personal belongings—either on their person or stored in their hotel room.  Staying safe while traveling is crucial.  Here are five tips to help keep you safe while you are staying in a hotel room.

  1. Never open the door to your hotel room without first carefully verifying the identity of the person on the other side.  If you did not order room service or maid service, then call the front desk if someone claiming to represent either of these comes knocking on your door and verify their identity.  If you must have a meeting someone you have never met before for business purposes, then arrange to have the meeting take place in a common area of the hotel, rather than in your private room.  Do not ever disclose your room number to people you do not know, under any circumstances.  Typically your hotel room key will not have the room number printed on it, but always be sure to protect it anyway and don’t leave it laying around on a table, a bar or a pool area.
  2. Always use the main entrance to the hotel when returning after dark.  Many hotels have alternative entrances, however, these may not be monitored as the front entrance will be.  Carry a personal alarm or pepper spray if you will be walking alone at night.
  3. Never draw any unnecessary attention to yourself by flashing large sums of cash or expensive jewelry.  If your hotel key works as a charge card within the hotel restaurant and bar, use these instead of your own, and settle up when you check out.
  4. Always use every lock available on your hotel door.  There is usually an additional bracket type lock that can only be undone from inside the room, so even if a person attempts unauthorized entrance to your room using a key, they will be physically unable to open the door.  Purchase an inexpensive door alarm that attaches magnetically and will sound in the event the door is opened without your knowledge.  Also, check that all windows shut and lock securely.  Report any issues immediately to hotel maintenance staff.
  5. Use the hotel room safe to store any cash or valuables that you are traveling with.  Call ahead to verify that the room indeed has a safe.  If no safe will be provided, consider purchasing a diversion safe that is disguised to look like a book, toiletry or food item to conceal your valuables.

Stay safe while you are traveling, by following these five simple tips.  Don’t put yourself at risk when you stay in a hotel, and you will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation or business trip with peace of mind!