How to Order

If you're not sure how to get started, or if you just want an overview of how shopping on our site works, follow the simple steps outlined below. You'll be shopping online in no time!

1. To start shopping, move your mouse pointer over the category pictures or links in which you wish to shop, then click on either the picture or the text link.
2. After clicking on a picture or a text link from the home page you will arrive on a product section page. From here you can click on the picture or text link of a specific product you are interested in. After clicking once again on either the picture or the text link of the product you were interested in you will be brought to a product detail page where you can order that product or just receive more information before making your purchase.
3. The product description page contains all the information you need to order an item. Add an item to your order by selecting the options for a particular item such as length, color, or other customized options that may apply. Next, choose a quantity of the item that you will need and click the "Add to cart" button.
4. When you click "Add to Cart" your order thus far will be displayed with a subtotal whenever you click on the "View Cart/Checkout" link. You can change the quantity of a particular item or delete items on your list by clicking on either the "CHANGE" or "REMOVE" buttons in your shopping cart. You can either "CONTINUE SHOPPING" which will return you to the last page you were on before going to your shopping cart, or move on to shipping and billing by selecting a "Payment Option" and pressing the "CHECKOUT", button at the bottom of the shopping cart page.
5. You can view your order at any time from anywhere on the site by clicking "View Cart/Checkout" link in the left-hand column at the bottom of the policies list on any page in the web site.
6. When you're ready to send your order, click "CHECKOUT" on the order page. Then, follow the on-screen directions to complete shipping and billing information. That's all there is to it!
7. And, of course, you can always call us at (800) 595-6930 Toll Free, or fax us at 1-509-363-4265. We do not accept international orders online.