Low Price Guarantee

Our Low Price Guarantee

If you happen to find a lower price anywhere on any identical item*, just show us the price and we will match it! If, within one 30 days of your purchase at our company, you encounter a lower price anywhere, we will also refund the difference.*

Click here to send us a price match via e-mail.

*We apologize but this guarantee does not apply to animal sprays.

**Of course if the competitor limits quantities we reserve the right to do so as well, and if the offer is footnoted by "while supplies last", we reserve the right to confirm that the competitor still has the item in stock.

Our Price Guarantee does not apply to competitor's bonus offers, free offers, special orders, typographical errors, clearance sales, liquidation sales, mail-in rebate offers, products with special financing offers, or where a service commitment is included in the transaction (such as an Amazon Prime subscription.) Internet competitor offers must include shipping and handling charges as the basis for comparison.

Price matching is subject to providing proof of the manufacturer's part number and availability of the product. (i.e., current dated advertisement, register receipt, copy of webpage or catalog page) of a lower price, plus your original receipt to claim your refund for previous purchases. Some additional restriction may apply based on geographical location, please call for details. The terms of this guarantee are subject to change without notice.

If our competitor limits the quantity you can purchase, our company can only match the price for the same quantity as the competitor offers. If the competitor will not ship to the state you live in that quantity is 0. If the competitor says, "while supplies last", we will gladly honor the price after we check to make sure the competitor has the item in-stock.

When comparing catalog or Internet competitors prices, next day shipping and handling charges will be included in the price match analysis. The following is an example:

Our All Pepper-Spray-Store.com Price
Price 89.99
Shipping & Handling 3.99
Total Delivered 93.98

Price 87.99
Shipping & Handling 6.95
Total Delivered 94.94

Difference $0.96
(Note: Prices do not include applicable taxes)

If our company offers a rebate and after the rebate our company price beats the competition, no price guarantee will be given. You will be getting the lowest final cost by shopping at our company. (For example, if our company's price is $89.99 before a $30.00 rebate then your final cost is $59.99. If the competitor price is $84.99 without a rebate, there will be no price match.)

Price guarantee will be applied to no more than 3 of the same product shipped to the same address. We reserve the right to further limit quantities.

The terms of this guarantee are subject to change without notice.

For more information, or a specific price match request, please contact customer care at (800) 595-6930.