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How To Reduce Neighborhood Crimes

  • Neighborhood Crime Watch groups can help deter crime in your area, by agreeing to watch out for all neighbors.
  • Talking about crime prevention as a neighborhood via meetings can be a great way to deter crime. Be sure to invite speakers from the community to help educate the attendees and give useful tips on crime prevention. Talk with your police department to tell them you want to form an official watch group.
  • Be sure your neighborhood includes posted signs announcing the Neighborhood Watch Group.
  • If you can clean up the exterior of your neighborhood (abandoned lots, parking lots) you will find criminals will not be as likely to strike.
  • If your area has a citizen’s safety group, join it. You can work with your neighbors or the police to begin one if your city doesn’t currently have one.
  • When it comes to deterring crime, education is more important than action. Never try to restrain a suspicious person or a criminal in action. Instead, call the police immediately and think about how you can assist the cops by remembering important information (physical characteristics, tips on the getaway car and more).
  • When scheduling your own neighborhood safety meetings, be sure you announce the time and date to all neighbors with flyers or other means of announcement. Be sure all residents can attend by scheduling them at convenient times and providing childcare.
  • Often your local police can give you free flyers, stickers or other literature that can help you in your group formation.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that you are trying to help the police by using your eyes and ears, not by taking action yourself.
  • Never try to stop a crime yourself or you should be seriously hurt or killed. Instead, observe and report all activity and details to the police.