5 Self Defense Techniques When the Assailant Has a Deadly Weapon

Women are far more likely to be the victims of a violent attack than men.  In general, women make better targets, for several reasons.  Generally, women are smaller and less physically strong than men, and much more easily subdued.  Petite women may be even more likely to be assaulted because they may be viewed by an attacker as an even easier mark based on their size. 
Being prepared for any situation that may require you to defend yourself is critically important.  Here are five ways that a petite woman can protect herself from an attack by a larger man:

      1. Take a basic self defense class and learn different ways to protect yourself.  Practice the moves you learn, and know the vulnerable spots to aim for.  Even a larger man can be temporarily disabled by a swift kick to the groin, a smash to the top of the foot, and elbow to the nose or an eye injury. 
      2. Understand that if you are attacked, then it means someone intends to harm you.  Do not be afraid of defending yourself, even if it means harming someone else.  Too often women avoid violence, however, when being violently attacked you must be prepared to fight for your life.
      3. Pepper spray is a very swift and effective way to temporarily disable an attacker.  There are many different pepper spray products that are designed to be carried in your pocket or purse, and can be kept handy for any emergency situation. Many of the products are designed to be disguised as lipstick containers, pens or other everyday objects.  One spray of the burning compound will cause temporary blindness and severe burning of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes, allowing you enough time to escape the situation.
      4. Consider carrying other types of self defense products, including a stun gun or personal alarm.  Sounding an alarm if someone approaches you aggressively may alert other people nearby and cause the attacker to flee.  A stun gun will send an electrical current into your attacker, causing pain and temporary paralysis, which should provide you with adequate time to escape.
      5. If you choose to not carry specific products intended for your personal protection (e.g., pepper spray, personal alarms or stun guns), then think about what you already do carry that can pose as a weapon when necessary.  Keys between your fingers can be a powerful weapon when you punch an attacker.  Even a pen or pencil may work in an emergency, if you are prepared to use it to inflict pain and deflect an attacker.


Often larger men will target smaller women, assuming that they will be an easy victim.  The smaller woman may have an advantage if she is prepared with either self defense techniques or products such as pepper spray or stun guns, because any self defense may come as a complete surprise to the attacker.  Self defense is paramount to the safety of all women.  Avoiding potentially dangerous situations is obviously the best way to protect yourself, however, many women will find themselves in situations requiring protection.  Be prepared, and don’t be a victim!