Safeguarding Against a Pickpocket and Keeping Your Wallet Safe

    • Pick pocket criminals could be anyone. Any person on the street can be a potential pickpocket regardless of age or sex
    • Pickpockets will be hard to spot in a crowd. A pickpocket is usually very skilled at blending into the crowd. They do not follow a set schedule or routine. They can be found in abundance during peak shopping seasons and in areas where people are likely to carry larger amounts of money like casinos or near banks.
    • Pickpockets can work alone or with a team of thieves. A team of pickpockets can pass off the stolen goods many times to prevent detection and capture. They may use a female accomplice to distract the victim while the theft takes place.
    • Place wallets and other valuables in front pants pocket. If this is not feasible, choose a pocket that has a button or zippered closure. If you must carry a wallet in an unsecured pocket, carry only those items that you would be willing to loose. Keep your keys secured with a chain and clipped to your pants or belt.
    • Choose a smaller wallet when shopping and do not pat yourself down to locate your wallet as this identifies the location of your valuables to an observant thief.
    • Women should not carry their wallet inside a purse. Wallets should be small enough to conceal under a sweater or in an interior pocket. Choosing a purse that is difficult to open will hinder a pickpocket.
    • Never leave your purse unattended, even for a moment.
  • Contact police immediately if you wallet is gone. If you discover that you have been targeted by a pickpocket, notify the police immediately.