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How To Avoid a Purse Snatcher: Protect Your Handbag Valuables from Being Stolen

  • Common sense tells us the best way to avoid being a victim of a purse snatcher is to simply not carry one at all.


  • If you must carry a handbag, keep it under your coat or in a shopping bag.


  • Statistics tells us that the majority of purse snatchers are under the age of 18 so be aware of those around you.


  • If someone demands your pocketbook, give it to them. If you don’t you may suffer harm or death. 


  • Never go shopping alone.


  • Avoid deserted areas when you’re walking.


  • Only keep a few dollar bills in your wallet at all times.


  • It’s a good idea to keep cash and credit cards in your jacket pocket instead of your purse.


  • Never put your purse on a shopping cart, as purse snatchers can quickly grab them when you’re not looking.


  • Never carry a lethal weapon in your purse that could be used against you.


  • Think about getting pepper spray or a whistle to protect yourself.


  • Always keep your car keys where you can reach them quickly.


  • Don’t write your name or address on your keys, as it will only lead the thief to your home.


  • Remember that most attackers come up from behind you.


  • Always call the police immediately after being attacked and give them as much information as you can about the attacker.