How To Protect Yourself From Being A Rape Victim

  • Out of every ten women, one of them will become a victim of rape in her lifetime. Rape can affect anyone regardless of what their race may be, their age or their physical appearance.


  • Each rape attack plays out much differently from the next, with no tactic being effective for women to use in every single situation they may find themselves in. Some women in the past have been successful in getting away from an attempted rape situation by simply reasoning with the attacker. Others can get free by acting erratically or by using self defense methods of attack.


  • If you ever find yourself in a rape situation or potential rape situation, try to escape your attacker. Most attackers expect you to fight back against them so try to get in a good blow to their groin area. They will not likely expect you to go for that area and you may be able to catch them off guard. Be sure you act quickly by attacking and then running immediately while your attacker is trying to recover.


  • When you do get away from your attacker, be sure to go to a safe place and call the police right away.


  • Although you may feel inclined to do so, under no circumstances should you use the bathroom, change clothing or wash any part of your body after a rape attack. The police will need evidence from your body to prosecute your attacker. Blood or semen on your clothes or body will be helpful in getting justice served.


  • The police will likely suggest you go to the hospital immediately. You may need to be treated for possible pregnancy or venereal disease. In addition, you may have other injuries which require medical treatment.


  • Even if you don't have medical insurance coverage, most hospitals will give free treatment to rape victims.


  • When the medical personnel starts questioning you, be as honest and thorough as possible. They will ask you specific questions and it can be difficult to share this information so soon after the crime has occurred. But, they need this information to treat you properly and to assist the police. When you are detailed in your answers, you will be helping them catch the rapist more rapidly. Most often a very detailed description of the assailant will help the police more than anything else and prevent the rapist from harming others.