Pepper Spray and Public Transit

In big cities, public transit is a necessity. In fact, there are some cities where traveling by personal car is almost impossible and public transit is used every day by those who live there. Whether you need protection on a bus, in a taxi or on a subway, pepper spray can help.

Can You Take Pepper Spray On Public Transportation Units?

Pepper spray is allowed on public transportation units in most states. Each state makes their own laws and mass transit system companies do have the right to individually restrict the use of pepper spray on their units (such as large train companies). So, you do need to check with each specific state or transit company to ensure you’re permitted to carry pepper spray with you on their transit systems.

However, most often the laws of the state are what dictate the use of pepper spray on the public transit systems within the state itself. All states have made it legal to carry pepper spray, but some states do have restrictions. Most restrictions involve age limitations (with many states requiring users to be at least 18 years old). Other restrictions commonly seen from state to state include restrictions on the size of the pepper spray container and the concentration of OC within the pepper spray used. Be sure to check your state’s requirements and regulations on the size of the pepper spray and the product labeling requirements, as well. A handful of states do require you carry a permit or license with you when you want to use pepper spray, so that’s another thing to consider.

If you’re within your state’s regulations and laws involving pepper spray, you should be fine in regards to carrying it on public transit units.

Why Take Pepper Spray With You On Public Transportation Units?

When you get on a public bus or subway, you may typically be a little uneasy about your safety. After all, you’re stuck in a vehicle with people you don’t know who are capable of just about anything. They may all be innocent residents with no intent of harming you but they could also be criminals who are interested in taking your money or doing you physical harm. Each time you step on board, you’re putting yourself at immediate risk. So, it only makes sense you’d want to protect yourself from possible harm that comes your way. While many women feel inclined to carry extra protection, men can also benefit from doing the same.

In addition, if you’re the driver of a bus or taxi, you may also want to consider carrying pepper spray to deal with anyone who might try to rob you or cause a dangerous disturbance.

While public transportation systems are a great way to get from Point A to Point B, they can be dangerous to use. There are many types of people on subways, trains and buses, putting you at direct risk of harm in many cases. Thus, carrying pepper spray is a great way to ensure your own personal safety and to be proactive in protection yourself. Many people carry small keychain pepper spray units or flashlight units with them during transportation, so they are easily reached in case of danger. Just be sure to check with the state laws and restrictions to ensure you’re following their requirements before carrying pepper spray anywhere with you.