Tips For How to Find a Self Defense Class in Your Area

Taking a self defense class is a terrific way to learn how to protect yourself from an attacker and remove yourself from a potentially dangerous situation.  A self defense or personal protection class can help you learn many different strategies and techniques, and, in addition, it will also help you to develop the confidence that you need to take care of yourself effectively.  You will also learn how to avoid becoming a victim of a physical or sexual assault, and learn how not to be a statistic.  Ready to get signed up?  Here are a few tips on finding a self defense class in your area:

  1. Check the classified ads for postings, both online and in the local newspapers and magazines.  You will find various postings for self defense classes here. However, before signing up for one, get some more information. What types of self defense are taught? Are you interested in learning martial arts or self defense? Be sure that the class is tailored to your specific and individual needs. Make sure that the instructor is certified in teaching self defense. Find out the experience and credentials of any and all instructors before signing up for the class.
  2. Look for self defense classes that may be held at your local YMCA or gym. Many of these places will often offer regular self defense classes for women that are taught by qualified and certified instructors. They are usually affordably priced and scheduled at various convenient times, too.
  3. Many church groups and community centers will offer periodic self defense classes. Often these classes are offered as a free community service, or for a very low cost.  Just be sure to verify that the instructor is certified to teach the class.
  4. Check with your local women’s shelters to see if they have information about any self defense class offerings. This can be a good place to find different classes to learn how to protect yourself.
  5. Many fitness classes incorporate self defense techniques as a regular part of the exercise. Learning some kickboxing moves, for example, can help you become stronger and more comfortable defending yourself from an attack.

Any time that you take a self defense class, the goal should not be entirely about learning to fight back in the event of an attack. The main goal of any self defense class should be learning how to prevent or avoid an attack, and to learn how to remove yourself from any uncomfortable situation as quickly and safely as possible. Most women are going to be unlikely to completely overpower a man that intends to harm them, so the goal should be learning those strategies that could temporarily disable an attacker, allowing you to get away. In addition to taking a self defense class, it is a good idea to purchase a self defense product for your personal protection, such as pepper spray, personal alarms or a mini stun gun. These things can be very effective to use against any aggressor in a confrontational situation.