5 Reasons You Should Take A Self Defense Class (Even If You Own Pepper Spray)

Many people today chose to be proactive in regards to their personal safety and with crime rates on the rise each year, it’s a wise thing to do. Some choose to carry guns or knives and others use non-lethal protective products like pepper spray. But, even if you carry pepper spray or a weapon, it’s still a good idea to take a self defense class.

Reasons Self Defense Classes Are A Great Idea              

  1. The World Can Be An Unsafe Place! Although it’s sad to think about, the world is getting more and more unsafe. Each year crime stats are rising and in larger cities there are people who are killed each day at the hands of others. Sure, pepper spray and weapons can help protect you from danger. But, what would you do if you didn’t have them on hand? Could you protect yourself? Taking a self defense class could help you guarantee that even if you only had your own strength, you could defend yourself with ease and confidence.
  2. You Can Better Protect Your Family! Some people think they should carry pepper spray or a weapon to protect themselves and many people need only to think in this way. But, those with families often realize they need to carry protective products not only to protect themselves but to protect their family if disaster strikes outside or inside their home. Taking a self defense course can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to protect yourself and your family from harm in any dangerous situation. You might never need the skills you learn to save yourself but you might need to use them one day to save someone you love.
  3. Lethal Weapons and Pepper Spray Can Fail or Backfire! While it’s uncommon for pepper spray to fail (especially if you test it and replace it like recommended), the truth is pepper spray and even lethal weapons can fail. Most of the time if you try to use a weapon or pepper spray and it fails, you start to panic and then are at a major risk for becoming a victim. Instead, if you take a self defense course you’ll know that even if your weapon or pepper spray doesn’t work properly, you’ll still be able to help yourself stay out of harm’s way.
  4. You’re Not Always Armed! You might carry your pepper spray on your key chain and might not be able to imagine a time when you’d be without your protective device or weapon. But, the truth is there are many times you might not be able to get to your weapon or pepper spray during an attack. You may drop your keys, you may not be able to unclip your weapon in time or you may be the victim of a home invasion in which you’d typically not even be carrying your keys or weapon on you. You can do your best to protect yourself with a self defense product but there are going to be times where you can’t use it and the only thing you’ll have to work with is your own strength. If you took a self defense class, you could use your self defense training as your backup means of protecting yourself.
  5. They’re Inexpensive! While the information you learn in a self defense might be priceless if it ever helps you get out of a dangerous situation, the cost of taking these types of classes is typically really minimal. In fact, many organizations, companies and colleges offer them for free from time to time. So, there’s no financial excuse for you not taking advantage and learning moves and techniques you might need for survival one day.