How to Store and Carry Pepper Spray

It’s not only important to learn how to use pepper spray in an emergency situation. Knowing how to store and carry pepper spray is also very important!

Where to Store Pepper Spray

It’s important to always keep your pepper spray in a safe place, away from children. Children can harm themselves if they happen upon the spray and use it without proper training and help. In addition to keeping the pepper spray away from children and animals, it’s important to keep somewhere the temperature is moderate (room temperature). If you leave the pepper spray in your car during the summer or in other extremely warm climates, there is a good chance the seals of the can might leak. In extreme heat, pepper spray canisters can even explode.

Ways You Can Conveniently Carry Pepper Spray

Before purchasing pepper spray, it’s important to think about how you’d like to carry it. The reason it’s important to think about the method of carrying it before you make your purchase is because there are various different pepper spray products by brands like Mace, Pepper Shot and Wildfire. Most sprays are created for specific carrying styles and choices. For example, if you like the idea of carrying pepper spray on your keychain, you’d obviously purchase a keychain pepper spray product. Key chain pepper spray products are great for those who like the idea of carrying their pepper spray with them at all times, in a small and easy to conceal place.

To be best protected with your pepper spray, you need to carry it as often as possible. After all, you’ll get no warning if someone tries to attack you. The one time you choose not to carry it might be the one time you become a victim. Think about buying a small unit of pepper spray carry in an outer jacket pocket, on your keys or on an outside open pocket of your purse. In fact, if you want added protection you might buy several types of pepper spray and stash them in several locations. The main thing is to always keep your pepper spray in a place you can easily access it. Otherwise, it will be useless to you.

Things to Consider

  • Pepper spray canisters can be damaged if you drop them often or damage them. Be sure to test them every 90-180 days to ensure they are working. Remember, each time you test the canister, you’re using some of its contents and eventually they will run out.
  • Pepper spray (even when stored correctly) will need to be replaced regularly. Even if never used, pepper spray past its expiration date should not be used. Not only might an older can be ineffective but it also might come out in short distance spurts instead of a fine mist spray and you could be injured in the process.
  • Storing your pepper spray in the sun (even if its not hot sun) can break down its effectiveness. Some experts feel the OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) in pepper spray breaks down in excessive sunlight.
  • Temperatures below 32 degree F may adversely affect the spray distance of your pepper spray can.  Storing at this temperature or below does not properly preserve the effectiveness of the pepper spray product.
  • Pepper spray cans usually only last 2 to 4 years. The can will have an expiration date stamped somewhere on it, so be on the lookout for it. Most experts agree replacing your pepper spray every year is the best course of action, however.
  • When you do store your pepper spray correctly (room temperature, out of direct sunshine is best), it will maintain its effectiveness longer.