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Public Safety & Street Crime Prevention Tips

  • Before you leave your home, always be sure all exits are locked. Never assume something is locked and always double check your doors, windows and garage. By locking your doors, you are immediately reducing your chances of being a victim. If you think someone has broken into your home upon your return, be sure to refrain from entering the home and call the police immediately.


  • Always be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. If someone is loitering, beware. Never carry a lot of money with you.


  • Traveling in a group is always better than traveling alone. Try to be in before dark.


  • If you are forced to be out in the dark, always be sure to use routes with a lot of traffic and public access.


  • It’s very dangerous to get a ride with someone you don’t know. So, don’t ever do it.


  • If someone comes up to you asking for directions, keep your distance. Never put yourself in a situation where you are blocked into a corner.


  • If you choose to carry a purse, be sure there’s nothing very valuable in it. Also, don’t put it around your neck or wrist because it could cause you injury if someone snatches it.


  • Never carry a stash of cash, jewelry or credit cards in your purse. You can put your purse in a shopping bag for more security.


  • Be sure to carry your cash or credit cards in an interior shirt pocket.


  • Never get your wallet out in public and be secretive when paying for items.


  • In high crime areas, some men choose to carry a “fake wallet” with only a few dollars in it and expired credit cards. This is what they give thieves who are asking for their wallet.


  • When you are arriving home, be sure you have your house key in your hand before exiting your car. Never linger outside your home. Only get your mail when it’s daylight.


  • If you arrive home and feel something is out of place, leave immediately and call for help.


  • If you think you’re being followed, be sure to stop at the nearest highly populated area and call the police. Never drive into the country or go home if you think you’re being followed.


  • If you need help, scream “fire” because it will alert people faster than if you only scream “help”.


  • Always walk against the traffic when you’re walking on the street. This will allow you to see if someone approaches you.