What is the “Testicle Grab” Self Defense Technique?

The testicle grab self defense move is one of the main moves taught to women during self defense training. It’s often also called the Groin Grab. The testicle grab refers to a technique where the victim grabs the testicles (not the penis) of their attacker. It’s meant to be used if the victim is already unwillingly in close range of the aggressor. The victim can perform this move if they’re being held frontward or can reach behind if they’re being held backward. It requires very little skill or strength, which makes it a great move to have in the back of your mind at all times. The attacker is immediately in danger when they move close to you, so don’t panic. With this move, you’re in control. The only time you should not use this move is if your attacker is wearing tight jeans. Instead, in cases such as those you should knee his groin, or use your fist on his groin.

According to the FBI, women who are physically attacked are unprepared, thinking they would never become a victim. Thus, they had no idea how to react and often panicked. They might have been in a “safe” location or a nice neighborhood and mistakenly thought that made them protected. However, women should be mentally prepared for possible attacks at all times, in all areas of town. By learning a few main self defense technique like the testicle grab, you can be prepared if you’re ever in a dangerous situation.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Attackers look for the easiest target. They want a victim to look weak or distracted. So, be sure not to wear headphones or read while you’re alone. Always be aware of what’s going on around you so you can be the first one to notice if someone suspicious is approaching you. If you feel someone is approaching you, don’t worry about manners. Be firm and give him an aggressive look that discourages him from choosing you as his victim.
  • If you are attacked, don’t panic and keep control of your emotions. You can even try to communicate with the attacker and act as if you’re complying. This can manipulate him into thinking he really is in control initially. However, he might become careless so be waiting for him to be off guard, strike him immediately and do the Groin Grab.
  • Think about what the attacker wants from you. While the Groin Grab is a great method of defense, the attacker might only want your purse. It’s best in cases such as this to give him the purse and let him run away.
  • Be sure if you do decide to fight, to do so with all your strength. Obviously the attacker might fight back so ensure you’re giving it all you’ve got.
  • Never tell the attacker you’ve been trained with self defense. You want to catch him off guard, so don’t threaten him with your knowledge and skill. Just show him what you know!

The testicle grab is one of the most effective and without a doubt one of the easiest self defense moves to learn. Use it whenever you feel threatened or attacked. Just be sure to run as soon as you use it, so you’ll be able to get away while the attacker is trying to recover.