Pepper Spray Training

Spray Patterns of Pepper Spray

There are various types of pepper spray, therefore instructing someone to use it is more difficult than it seems. Take a look at these popular types of pepper spray and how to properly utilize them.

Forced Cone: The most popular cone type is the forced cone. It is typically the best options for general pepper spray use. The forced cone provides a fine mist that comes out in a forceful spray pattern. The pattern sprays at distances of 8 to 12 feet, and at a width of two feet. The mist is composed of extremely fine droplets of pepper solution that actually help to minimize the possibility of the pepper formula blowing back onto the person spraying using the pepper spray. Instead, the spray penetrates the skin pores of the attacker and invades their mucous membranes. With the forced cone, the eyes will seal with tears, the nose will begin to run with mucous, there will be excessive coughing and a shortness of breath to anyone penetrated by the solution.

Broken-Stream: If you are interested in being able to utilize pepper spray in situations where you may not have great aim, you should consider a broken-stream pepper spray option. It is terrific for situations where you might need to hit multiple attackers. In addition, if the attack comes in the dark, in a tight area, or through your car window, this is the best option. The stream that is shot from this type of pepper spray is similar to the stream from a water gun. There is less chance you will miss your attacker. However, you can always use the “fan” technique which can help you hit your target. The “fan” technique involves you spraying the stream from side to side, until you hit your mark. Remember however, this type of pepper spray provides the heaviest blast of pepper, so your can will empty faster. The broken-steam pepper spray will also cause the eyes to seal with tears, the nose to run with mucous, excessive coughing, and shortness of breath.

Fogger: For the consumer who wants to be able to utilize their pepper spray for multiple attackers, crowd control, bears, and at home, the fogger is the best option to consider. Before you purchase the fogger however, you should know there is a possibility of pepper spray “blowing back” and contaminating the user. This disadvantage is more common if the spray is utilized outdoors. Of course, the effects of the spray “blowing back” would be much different than the effects the attacker would be receiving. The attacker would be getting the blunt of the spray, making them suffer much more than you. To utilize the fogger, you pull the trigger and use the “fan” technique. The “fan” technique requires you to move your pepper spray back and forth, hitting everything in the “fan” path. The pepper in a fogger works immediately. Like other pepper spray units, the formula will cause the eyes to tear, the nose to run, excessive coughing, and shortness of breath.

Foam: If you are terrified of your pepper spray blowing back onto you, try the foam pepper spray option. The foam spray option is best for immediate saturation, without any blow back. If it is a windy day, you can use the foam pepper spray without worrying about “blow back”. Once the foam hits the attacker, it cannot be wiped away without causing symptoms. It is similar to a thick and sticky shaving cream with 5.3 million Scoville Heat Units of hot pepper. The pepper works instantly, so when the attacker tries to wipe it off, it will only make the situation worse for them. Again, the foam causes the eyes to tear, the nose to run, excessive coughing and shortness of breath.